Personalized keychain with photo ocean inspired


Personalized keychain with photo – anchor keyring with picture and ship, seahorse and fish charms

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Thanks to this cute personalized keychain with photo, always have a picture of a loved one with you! The anchor keychain was inspired by the summer season and the sea, with its anchor cabochon base and its ocean charms – two fish, a seahorse and a ship.


The keyring will be a fun and unique photo gift. It can be especially ideal for new moms and dads as it is part of two full collections of accessories for babies, women and men. Both collections are sold as gift sets already beautifully wrapped in polka dot crepe paper and ready to offer!


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The Summer Collection exists with 4 different characters – the pink girl crab, the red boy crab, the purple girl fish and the green boy fish.




► Submit your photo(s) to me through the form below. 

► Feel free to also notify me of any specific requirements.

► For best results, choose a neat, luminous and centered image so that I will be able to draw a nice circle (the person should not be on the edge of the picture or too close to another person).




Personalized keychain with photo on an anchor-shaped cabochon and three charms – a ship, a seahorse and two fish.


► length of the keyring : about 8 cm / about 3.1 inches
► inside diameter size of the cabochon (diameter of the printed picture) : 2 cm / about 0.8 inch
► length of the charms : between 1.5 cm / about 0.6 inch (the fish) and 4.5 cm / about 1.8 inch (the anchor)


► The charms are made of a zinc alloy.
► The round cabochon base is covered with a clear glass dome.




► to help prevent tarnish, it’s best to avoid moist or wet conditions
► to clean the charms, simply rub them with a clean fabric





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