Personalized keychain photo


Personalized keychain photo – a custom keyring with a photo under a glass dome

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This cute personalized keychain with a photo was inspired by Christmas! It is decorated with beads in Christmassy colors and a golden jingle bell. The round cabochon will be personalized with the picture of your choice.


The personalized keychain is part of a Christmas collection that includes gifts for women, men and babies. Discover the two baby pacifier clips (for baby girls and for baby boys) with a friendly snowman, the personalized bag charm, the keyring and this personalized keyring. Offer the gift sets at a baby shower and you will please not only the newborn but also the young parents!




To place an order, simply send me your picture using the form below. 

► Feel free to also notify me of any specific requirements.

► For best results, choose a neat, luminous and centered image so that I will be able to draw a nice circle (the person should not be on the edge of the picture or too close to another person).




Personalized keychain with photo on a round cabochon base and topped with a glass dome. The custom keyring has a golden jingle bell and three beads in gold, green and red. The round cabochon base is covered with a clear glass dome and depicts the logo of Cori Paris.


► length of the keyring : about 8.7 cm / about 3.4 inches
► inside diameter size of the cabochon (diameter of your personal picture) : 2 cm / about 0.8 inch
► length of the bell : about 1 cm / about 0.4 inch


► The charms are made of a zinc alloy.
► The cabochons are covered with clear glass domes.




► to help prevent tarnish, it’s best to avoid moist or wet conditions
► to clean the charms, simply rub them with a clean fabric





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