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Choose an additional cabochon for your personalized bag charm !

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Extra items for women personalized bag charms.


Here are 4 models of extra cabochons which you can add to any Cori Paris personalized bag charms. Choose one cabochon from the drop-down menu and add it to your cart.


The extra cabochon costs only €1 extra and is sold along with any personalized bag charms from the shop.


To personalize your item, please do not forget to send me the picture of your choice to be printed and placed under the glass cabochon. To send it, simply use the form below ! For best results, choose a neat, luminous and centered image so that I will be able to draw a nice circle (the person should not be on the edge of the picture or too close to another person).


The inside diameter size for all cabochon bases is 20 mm / about 0.78 inch, which corresponds to the diameter of the printed picture. All the cabochon bases are made of a zinc alloy and they are covered with a clear glass dome.


The full widths of the cabochon bases are as follows :

Cabochon model A : 29 mm / about 1.14 inch.

Cabochon model B : 23 mm / about 0.90 inch.

Cabochon model C : 26 mm / about 1 inch.

Cabochon model D : 30 mm / about 1.18 inch.


This item cannot be sold separately.






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