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Beach keychain with a blue starfish, a turtle, a ship and a rudder charms

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Are you missing the ocean and the summer? With this beach keychain, always have on your purse a little reminder of nice sunny memories! The keyring is decorated with summer charms representing a blue starfish, a turtle, a ship and a rudder.


The summer keychain can be a great gift for a mom as it is part of a full collection that also includes a cute pacifier clip with a green fish, a matching woman charm for handbag and a dust plug. A fun gift set of summer accessories, ready to offer at a baby shower!


The Summer Collection exists with 4 different characters – the pink girl crab, the red boy crab, the purple girl fish and the green boy fish.




Beach keychain with charms that represent a blue starfish shaped natural stone bead, a ship, a turtle and a rudder.


► length of the keyring : about 7.5 cm / about 3 inches
► length of the charms : between 1.5 cm / about 0.6 inch (the starfish) and 2.2 cm / about 0.9 inch (the ship)


► The charms are made of a zinc alloy.




► to help prevent tarnish, it’s best to avoid moist or wet conditions
► to clean the charms, simply rub them with a clean fabric


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