Audio jack dust plug


Audio jack dust plug, phone charm representing a beige starfish, a rudder and a pirate skull

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An audio jack dust plug can be used to avoid getting dust into the audio jack of any device and can also embellish your favorite devices with its charms. This phone charm comes with a beige starfish bead, as well as a rudder and a pirate skull charms. This cell phone accessory inspired by the nautical world can fit any 3.5mm audio jacks. Put it in your cell phone and it will remind you of your last summer holidays at the sea everyday!


The audio jack dust plug is part of a summer collection that includes a few other items inspired by the sea. Moms and children will especially appreciate its pacifier clip, hair clip and hair elastic, bag charm and keyring. The full collection is also sold as a gift set and will be ideal as a baby shower gift to please both the new mom and her baby.


The Summer Collection exists with 4 different characters – the pink girl crab, the red boy crab, the purple girl fish and the green boy fish.




Audio jack dust plug to protect your audio plug from getting dust. It is great to adorn your favorites devices (cell phone, music player or tablet). The charms attached to it represent a beige starfish, a pirate skull and a rudder.


► Length of the dust plug : about 9 cm / about 3.54 inches.
► Length of the plastic plug : 16mm / about 0.62 inch.
► Length of the charms : between 1,5 cm / 0.59 inch (the starfish) and 2,1 cm / 0.82 inch (the rudder).


► The silver plated charms are made of a zinc alloy.
► The plastic dust plug fits standard size 3.5 mm headphone jack plugs.




► to help prevent tarnish, it’s best to avoid moist or wet conditions
► to clean the charms, simply rub them with a clean fabric


Sold without the cell phone and mp3 player.


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