Anti dust plug charm


Anti dust plug charm – headphone jack plug representing a shell and a purple felt flip-flop

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This anti dust plug charm is nicely decorated with a natural shell, a purple felt flip-flop and a flower cabochon. It will look awesome on your cell phone or any of your favorite devices with a 3.5mm headphone jack plug. If you like sea inspired phone accessories, check my shop for more models.




Anti dust plug charm to protect your audio plug from getting dust. It is great to adorn your favorites devices (cell phone, music player or tablet). The charms attached to it represent a natural shell, a purple felt flip-flop and a flower with the Cori Paris logo.


► length of the dust plug : about 11 cm / about 4.33 inches
► length of the plastic plug : 16mm / about 0.62 inch
► length of the charms : between 1,4 cm / 0.55 inch (the flower) and 3,5 cm / 1.37 inch (the flip-flop)


► The silver plated charms are made of a zinc alloy.
► The plastic dust plug fits standard size 3.5mm headphone jack plugs.




► to help prevent tarnish, it’s best to avoid moist or wet conditions
► to clean the charms, simply rub them with a clean fabric


Sold without the cell phone and mp3 player.


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