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What was once a simple guest room slowly transformed into my small business workshop, one table at a time! First, the main desk made its entrance, soon followed by the prototype of a home photo studio. The guest bed now resides in a corner of the room, making way for more creative tables. 


Fellow creatives, can you relate? Passionate people are unstoppable and their taste for perfection has no boundaries. Through the years, my workshop has evolved into a haven of creativity, where every piece of furniture is strategically placed for maximum productivity. Smart storage solutions keep everything in its place, ensuring efficiency and a clutter-free environment.


Join me on this journey and discover how I’ve organized my small business workshop into a space that not only fosters productivity but also radiates happiness and inspiration! I hope this will also help you set up your little workshop of happiness so you can enjoy spending time working on your creative projects!




My workshop is my little sanctuary within the house, where I feel happy creating. Simply opening the door to my well-organized workspace is a wonderful feeling. 

It wasn’t always this way, as my sewing tools and materials used to be scattered across various boxes and rooms. Starting a new project meant hunting for materials and gathering them onto my computer desk to get started. This was a pain! 

Setting up my workshop helped me become more productive and efficient. From rearranging furniture to imagining smart storage solutions, the process was time-consuming but incredibly worth it.



My workshop layout and organization

Spacious tables are needed to design and produce handmade products. In my workshop, I currently have three long tables at my disposal.

The first table is dedicated to the creative design process, where I can freely sketch, write, and develop prototypes. I gathered all my essential sewing tools on this table.

The second table is a hub for ongoing projects, allowing me to pick up where I left off each day seamlessly. This continuity in work ensures a smooth workflow and effortless project management.  

Finally, the third table houses my sewing machine and thread cabinet. This workspace needs to be large and uncluttered to work efficiently.

I have optimized my productivity and minimized distractions by assigning specific tasks to each table. Keeping tools and materials within easy reach on each table enhances the efficiency of my workspace. Organizing tools and materials effectively is key to maintaining a seamless workflow in a handmade business workshop.  

If you create designated workspaces for each task or project, you can stay focused and avoid wasting time organizing your working table or searching for tools or materials.



My packaging station

After sketching, designing, and producing new items comes… packaging! This is both exciting and rewarding to prepare an order to please a new customer! While I initially wished for an extra table in my fully furnished workshop, I have to use the second table for wrapping orders. This multi-functional space now houses all my packaging materials and cards in its drawers, allowing me to efficiently package orders with ease.

Depending on the size of my products, I use different packing materials. I wrote down a visual chart outlining which packing materials — cardboard sheets, plastic zipper bags, and envelopes — to use for different product sizes and types. I then pinned this chart near my packaging station for quick reference. I also included a reminder to include my marketing materials and freebies in each order to enhance the customer experience and promote my brand.

As you embark on your online selling journey, gathering all your packaging materials in one designated area and creating a checklist of items to include in each order can help you stay organized and efficient. Remember, every order packaged with care is a step towards building a successful business!




When you work in a small business workshop, it is crucial to effectively store and organize supplies, equipment, and finished products. Maintaining a clutter-free and organized workspace is essential for a productive work environment. 

I have found that investing in storage solutions, such as shelves, bins, and drawers, has greatly improved my workflow. For added convenience, consider using clear containers or transparent drawers to quickly locate items without the need to open each one individually. Remember, a well-organized workspace not only enhances efficiency but also boosts creativity and overall satisfaction in your work.



Smart material storage solutions

I gradually transformed my workshop into a functional and organized space by purchasing second-hand furniture. I invested in a compact TV stand with storage compartments to keep my photo props neatly organized. I created my little photo studio on top of it. It also has shelves where I store my fabric and keep it dust-free. I currently have a small amount of fabric so this furniture is sufficient. For those with a large fabric collection, take inspiration from Taylah Rose’s storage ideas.

When organizing jewelry findings and charms, utilize small plastic containers with compartments for easy access. Transparent boxes make it simple to locate specific items quickly. For larger elements or items in bulk, a toolbox with multiple drawers can help keep everything in order. These organizers can be found at most DIY stores.

All my beloved and most used sewing tools are in a small bin on my sewing table. This way, I can quickly locate and use my favorite tools whenever needed. By implementing these smart storage tips and hacks, you can create a clutter-free and efficient workspace for your creative projects.



Ribbons display and storage

Because I create hair accessories, I have a large collection of ribbons. When dealing with ribbons in various lengths and quantities, consider grouping ribbons of the same width by tying them with a safety pin for easy identification. Then simply hang these ribbon packs on a wall-mounted screw for convenient access.

For ribbons without spools, opt for bins with thin slots to store them neatly rolled. Ensure that the slot height matches your ribbons’ width for easy visibility. This method allows you to quickly identify the ribbon models stored in each bin at a glance.

When storing ribbons on spools, repurpose a shoebox by inserting two wooden sticks slightly larger than the box’s width. Create holes on each side of the box and slide the sticks through. Arrange your spools on the sticks for a tidy and organized storage solution. By implementing these clever tips, you can efficiently manage your ribbon collection and enhance your creative workflow.



Unfinished and finished products

Here’s a hack to help you stay organized and efficient with your unfinished projects! Purchase plastic storage towers with multiple drawers . Use double-sided tape to label each storage drawer to quickly identify its contents, making it simple to locate specific projects. 

When you’re ready to work on a collection, simply remove the labeled drawer and bring it to your workspace. This convenient method allows you to access your projects easily. With this clever storage hack, you can stay on top of your unfinished projects and work on them with ease. How convenient is that?!

I currently store finished scrunchies in a large clear storage bin with a lid to protect them from dust and facilitate easy transportation for events like fairs. For hair accessories, I use large cardboard boxes and I store them standing upright to maintain their shape.

When it comes to bag charms, I store them in a large box and lay them flat to prevent damage to the display cards. This method is especially useful for heavier items that may cause bending if stored upright. By implementing these storage tips, you can ensure your products remain in top condition and are ready for showcasing at any event or to be sent directly when ordered.




Creating a cozy and inspiring workspace is essential. By carefully designing your workspace to reflect your personal style and preferences, you can cultivate a space that motivates and energizes you. Choosing the right lighting and decor can enhance your overall work experience and help you achieve your goals effectively.



Lighting in the workshop

Good lighting is essential to work comfortably in a workshop. My room benefits from good natural light as it is located just under the roof. The Parisian sky is quite often cloudy though! So using bright and uniform neon lights for optimal visibility proves to be necessary when working on intricate tasks. I like neons as they provide bright and homogeneous lighting. The right lighting not only improves work efficiency but also positively impacts mood and productivity. It contributes to creating a comfortable working atmosphere.

Lighting in a photo studio is a different story. It plays a crucial role in capturing professional-looking product images. Stay tuned for a dedicated blog post on setting up the ideal lighting for your photo studio.



Your unique decor

Incorporating personalized touches and meaningful decor completely transformed my workshop into a cozy and inspiring sanctuary. I added sentimental items and cherished gifts, and the workshop became my favorite room in the house! Family photos, heartfelt presents, and mementos from past students — received during my previous career as a teacher — now adorn my workspace, each one holding a special place in my heart and serving as a constant reminder of the love and encouragement that surrounds me.

Among the treasures in my workshop are family pictures and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts, each one a precious keepsake that reminds me of the incredible people in my life. From a beautiful pompom and a cork board crafted by my youngest daughter to mugs and a cheerful bunny made with fuse beads by former students, each item holds a unique story and adds a touch of joy to my workspace. A shark mug — bunnies and sharks are my favorite animals gifted by my mother-in-law has also found its place among my cherished items. In addition to these personal touches, my workspace is adorned with funny sewing quotes on door hang tags and sewing-related objects that reflect my passion for fashion. 

As my workshop continues to evolve, I am filled with excitement at the prospect of bringing new ideas to life in my dream workspace. Each addition and change brings me closer to creating a space that truly reflects my personality and inspires me to grow my creative business with passion and joy. I more than encourage you to customize your workshop to your taste to boost your creativity, motivation, and well-being!



Branding your workshop

Making an inspiring workspace is essential for creating a productive environment for your handmade business. You can design it in alignment with your passions and preferences, or envision a cohesive aesthetic and theme that resonates with your brand. Incorporate elements that showcase your unique style and capture the essence of your business – like your logo, brand colors, and patterns – and motivational quotes that directly relate to your business category. 

Take inspiration from Brooke Carnline, the visionary behind the Teach Over the Rainbow brand, who has masterfully crafted a branded workspace. Explore her Instagram account for a glimpse into her creative process and get inspired to elevate your own workspace.




Remember the essential!

To fully dedicate yourself to your handmade business, it’s crucial to have a workspace that is thoughtfully designed and well-prepared to facilitate your creative process. Taking the time to envision and set up an ideal crafting space is a worthwhile project that will undoubtedly enhance your productivity. 

Remember to regularly declutter and reorganize your workspace, as each improvement will bring about positive outcomes. Dispose of tools or materials that are no longer useful or in good condition. By maintaining a well-organized workspace, you’ll not only save time and effort in the long run but you’ll also boost your efficiency and creativity in your handmade business.


Good luck with building your dream business!




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